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Whole-Food Plant-Based Balanced Living

About Heather Rittgers

Whole Balanced Living was founded from my own struggle to regain health and balance.  As a teenager I had a series of brain bleeds that led to surgery.  They left me with the usual stroke-symptoms such as weakness, loss of balance and fatigue.  Through prayer, time, hard work and lifestyle modifications I am thriving!  No matter where you are in your own journey I can help you thrive.  My desire is to help lead you on the path toward a whole, balanced life!

Heather is concerned with improving  her client's wellness in ALL areas of life.  She is a stroke survivor who has learned how to thrive. Her desire is to help you too!  She specializes in helping women maintain their health.  She also a help women RECOVER their health after illness or injury.  She combines her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and wellness with her life experiences to help others reach their full potential. 

She is a Certified Personal Trainer,  Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and  Certified Wellness Coach.   She is a  graduate of the Plant Based Nutrition Program offered by the Center For Nutrition Studies and eCornell.    She is also a member of several professional fitness and wellness associations.   She is licensed by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute to facilitate the life-changing Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).  You can just think of her as your Wellness Coach--Coach Heather

Better health is within reach!  Life is a journey--let me help you thrive!